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Music for the month February 2020 

26 Sunday  (Baptism) 

Hymns     :     96, 142, 394 (t.395)
Anthem :       Here is the little door - Howells                      
Comm     :      I wonder as I wander - Rutter
                        No small wonder - Edwards

Choral Evensong

Introit   :         Lute book lullaby – Ballet (arr. Shaw)
Psalm   :         27
Responses :   Rose
Canticles  :    Dyson in F
Anthem   :     The Spirit of the Lord - Elgar
Hymns    :    233, 17 (omit 3)


Feb 2 (Presentation of Christ in the Temple/Candlemas)

Hymns  :      118, 311, 256, 31  
Mass :          Missa Alma Redemptoris Mater – Vittoria
Anthem :      Nunc Dimittis from Gibbons 2nd Service 
Comm  :     When to the temple Mary went – Eccard
                      Senex puerum portabat – Byrd

Feb 9  (Third before Lent)

Hymns :        1 (part 1 and dox), 190, 373 NEH, 422
Anthem :       Angel’s farewell from “the Dream of Gerontius” - Elgar
Sanctus :    from Mass in G Minor – Vaughan Williams
Comm  :     O taste and see – Vaughan Williams
                       Bring us O Lord God - Harris
Feb 16 (Second Sunday before Lent)

Hymns  :       4, 431, 163, 180
Anthem :       Let all mortal flesh keep silence - Bairstow
Sanctus :       from Mass in Eb - Rheinberger
Comm :         Kyrie from Mass in Eb - Rheinberger
                      I sat down under his shadow - Bairstow

Feb 23 (Sunday next before Lent)

Hymns  :       146 (1st tune, omit *), 117(1st), 156, 214
Anthem :       Like as the hart - Howells
Sanctus :       from Mass in C - Stanford
Comm :         Beati quorum via – Stanford
                      These are they which follow the lamb - Goss
6.30pm         CHORAL EVENSONG

Introit       :   O nata lux - Tallis
Reponses :    Ayleward
Psalm       :    90
Canticles  :   Walmisley in D minor
Anthem    :   Abendlied - Rheinberger
Hymns     :   215 (1st), 13




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